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Start building community around your newsletter

Creating newsletters today is easier than ever, but finding your subscribers can be challenging. Only sending the newsletter is not enough. Build a relationship with your subscribers.

Start building your community today.

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See how it works

Unlike other platforms, ManyLetter does not own your content. Your content is your most valuable asset, and it should stay in your hands.

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Prepare your website

Upload your content to your website or other online publishing platform.


Prepare your message

Grab the URL link of your content and prepare a short message in ManyLetter. Give it a proper title and a brief description.


Send your newsletter

ManyLetter will automatically compose and send an email with your combat-ready message for your subscribers.


Expand your reach

Your published newsletter and messages will show on the ManyLetter landing page and across the whole platform.


Lower the barrier

Subscribers often have many active subscriptions. Therefore they think twice before subscribing to another newsletter—lower the barrier for subscribers to join your newsletter with ManyLetter.


Build a community

Engage with your subscribers in comments. Build long-term relationships and community around your newsletter.

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What is in?

Unlimited newsletters

Create as many newsletters under one account as you need.

Unlimited messages

Add unlimited number of messages under your newsletter.

Newsletter history

Subscribers whos open your newsletter profile will have access to messages you have created.

No fake emails

All subscribers are verified; thus, your subscriber list will be clean and relevant.

Target audience

Create a target audience and send different messages to it.


See how many subscribers do you have, how many of them are active, passive or unsubscribed.

GDPR compliant

Focus on your content. Don't worry about GDPR at all. We take care of it.

Rating system

Let your subscribers rate your newsletter and messages.


Engage with your subscribers in comments for each message.

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