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Hi there! My name is Tomas, and I'm the founder of ManyLetter. I would like introduce you to ManyLetter and why I have created it.

Why I create ManyLetter?

One of the biggest problems we face today is too much information. We are continually inundated with news, messages, emails, notifications. We are bombarded with information all the time, from every angle, and at every turn. In one sense, we are in the most incredible time in human history for learning. But on the other side, we are so distracted. Sometimes that much that we end up paralyzed and can not even move.

I'm subscribed to too many newsletters and it has become annoying. So I started to browse the internet and search for some tool that makes my email inbox less inundated by messages. I have found some tools but almost all of them was unusable or hard to use. I really didn't want my inbox under control of a third party or use browser extensions. I wanted something easy to use, something, that will give me control over all newsletters and make my inbox distraction-free.

So I have come up with the idea of ManyLetter.

ManyLetter is created to address these problems. Its primary focus is to reduce the number of email messages that users are receiving every day, by combining many newsletters into one (that is where the name of ManyLetter comes from). ManyLetter has built-in features that provide users with options that save time, make the inbox tidy, reduce the number of notifications received as well as help creators to create newsletters that their subscribers will love.


"We are on the mission to change the way how newsletters are done."


Respect, Trust, Integrity, Honesty, Transparency, Responsibility, Fairness, Not Fake, Community and communication, Sustainability

Why should you join ManyLetter?

I'm thrilled about ManyLetter's future as we would like to create a friendly platform that will allow everyone to find and join any newsletter, as well as to create a newsletter and share it with other people.

Hope to see you in ManyLetter.

manyletter founder

Founder of ManyLetter

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