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All-in-one platform for your newsletter.

Become unstoppable with ManyLetter advanced tools made easy for you. Includes email newsletter creation and distribution, A/B testing, subscribers management, automation, custom domain and SEO optimized website for your newsletter—everything in one place.

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Everything you need for your newsletter

Create and send your newsletter.

Choose a template for your newsletter, add content and send it to a group of subscribers—hassle free.

Subscriber groups.

Segment your subscribers to groups and target each group with tailor-made newsletter message.

Plan ahead.

Schedule the messages you want to send in advance. Manyletter will take care of sending them for you.


Create and set up simple automated messages for your subscribers—saves your time.

Build a website or blog.

Don't waste time integrating and creating complicated web pages for your newsletter. Choose a template, set colours and add your content—includes one-click SEO.

Connect your custom domain.

Add your domain name and build your brand online—it's all about you.

Simple pricing.

No hidden fees. You get what you paid for. Every penny converts into credits. You can then use your credits at any time as part of the service for anything.

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